Data Centres

Major Data Centre and other projects in which my roles has been the Project Head.

  • 12MW Data Centre in Osaka City. Current. (April 2020) under design.
  • 18MW Data Centre in Chiba. Current. (April 2020) in the process of finalising tenant M&E requirements.
  • 18MW in Tokyo 23 wards. Current. (November 2019) Under construction, with completion May 2021.
  • 2nd Green field Data Centre Inzai for COLT Ltd.
  • 1st Green field Data Centre Inzai for COLT Ltd.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland – Marunouchi, trading floors, Data Halls and UPS systems
  • Shiohama Data Centre, refurbishment for COLT Ltd. (COLT is a Fidelity Investment Company.)
  • Aozora Bank’s Data Centre, total refurbishment – Fuchu, Japan
  • Main Computer Room design and setup for Hitachi Koki – Singapore
  • Super Computer and R&D Centre Kodak Japan Ltd – Yokohama, (now the CTC – Data Centre)
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