AOZORA BANK – Head Office, Kudanshita, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo

The refurbishment of over 25 floors of this inner city office tower was project managed by me. We also created multiple Satellite Equipment Rooms for the servers with UPS, Cooling and access control.

The tasks involved issuing RFPs, analysis of estimates, negotiating the costs, selection of contractors and overseeing the works. Including schedules, quality, statutory compliance and much more.

In many sections, I had to plan overnight desk moves to swing spaces while the older areas were being fully refurbished.

All tasks were completed on time and within budget.

Royal Bank of Scotland – Japan HQ, Tokyo

Several hundred trading desks were installed in their offices over 4 floors. We had to work after 7PM and overnight, finishing our tasks by 5AM every weekday. Over the weekends we worked 36 hours to move trading staff from floor to floor.

We also created conference rooms, executive offices, staff rooms and many other features that were in keeping with the prestige of RBS in the mid 2000’s.

The UPS Power to each trading desk, diverse path cabling and cooling were all overseen by me. It was a challenging task with very little help from the bank staff.

Notwithstanding, it was a proud moment when Mr. Otani, the CEO, complimented me in front of his staff for the on time, on budget accomplishment of a Herculean task.

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